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      Apollo Clinic, New Town
      DLF Galleria, Action Area - IB
      New Town, Rajarhat, Kolkata: 700 156.

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      คอนเวิร์ส สลิป ออ น

      Ambulance Service

      Pickup and drop facility. Call on 033-4036-5500/1/2 or WhatsApp on 76040 19943 for booking.

      All Services Under One Roof

      Largest primary care facility of its type. Call on 033-4036-5500/1/2 or WhatsApp on 76040 19943 for information.

      Wide Range of Specialists

      Over 100 consultants to choose from. All major specialties and super-specialties. Call on 033-4036-5500/1/2 for appointments or WhatsApp on 76040 19943.

      Home Sample Collection Facility

      Samples collected from any part of the city. Punctual and at convenience of patient. Reports delivered. Call 9432011111 or WhatsApp on 76040 19943 for service.

      Apollo Clinic Specialty Radiology Unit with MRI Facility Near You

      Apollo Clinic New Town offers prehensive digital high resolution radiology and imaging facilities every day of the week including Sundays.?Equipped with sophisticated and high end 1.5T MRI and 32 Slice CT machines, as well as Digital High Frequency X-Ray, and with a 4-D ultramodern USG machine, looking inside the body in any level of detail has never been easier.

      Call us on 033-4036-5500/1/2? or WhatsApp on 76040 19943 between 8am till 9pm to book an appointment.


      Our Doctors

      What We Do

      Dental Clinic

      We have a team of expert professionals of every dental speciality who are mitted to provide you with a unique and reliable dental experience.?Call us on 033-4036-5511 or WhatsApp on 76040 19943?between 9am till 8pm to book an appointment.

      Sugar Clinic

      Diabetes is one of the leading disorders to plague our generation today. Yes, it’s a disorder, not a disease, and the good news is that it can be well managed with proper self-care and treatment. Proven HBA1C control. Call us on 033-4036-5522 or WhatsApp on 76040 19943 between 9am till 8pm to book an appointment.

      Pain And Laser clinic

      Your pain is our headache.?Physiological restoration with pain relief is our goal.?High power laser for pain relief repair and physiological healing. Non-Surgical Treatment Options for Orthopaedic and Nerve related ailment available. Call us on 033-4036-5533 or WhatsApp on 76040 19943 between 9am till 8pm to book an appointment.

      Corporate Services

      As hours spent at work increase, so do levels of employee ill health and stress.?Small wonder then that healthcare today has bee a major concern for all corporations.?Call us on 98300 41754 or WhatsApp on 76040 19943 between 9am till 6pm to find out how we can help your organisation with your healthcare needs. On-Site Service available.

      Health Screening Packages

      The Principle aim of a Health check-up is to detect and pre-empt the onset of a disease at an early stage, or ideally prevent illness occurring in the first place.?Call us on 033-4036-5500/1/2? or WhatsApp on 76040 19943 between 8am till 9pm to book an appointment.


      Apollo Pharmacy stores a vast range of items like: Specialty and super specialty medicines, Surgical items, Cosmetics and other personal care products.?Call us on 033-4036-5544 or WhatsApp on 76040 19943 between 8am till 10pm to book order your medicine. FREE HOME DELIVERY AVAILABLE

      คอนเวิร์ส สลิป ออ น
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